Menu à 25 €

Menu at 25 € 


Baked goats cheese salad

A Dozen Snails in Garlic Herb Butter (A Burgandy Tradition) (extra +3€)

Rabbit terrine with stewed white onions

Medallion of foie gras with toasts (extra +3€)

Landaise salad (foie gras with duck gizzards) (extra +3€)

Eggs in meurette (Poached eggs with bacon in a bordelaise red wine sauce)


Pork filet mignon forestière sauce

Thick beef steak, pepper, roquefort or béarnaise sauce

Sea Méli-Mélo (Red mullet and Salmon fillet with queen scallops)

Veal kidneys with grain mustard

Duck confit with raspberry vinegar

Dish of the day


Chocolate mousse

Lemon meringue pie

Cottage cheese with blueberries

Profiteroles Chocolate

Crème Brûlée

Gourmet coffee (extra +2€)


Wine not included